How can outsourcing my bookkeeping needs help me manage my business?

Outsourcing your bookkeeping requirements can save you time and money. Many small business owners do the bookkeeping themselves which takes their valuable time away from the other aspects of the business. By hiring a professional bookkeeper you will be able to focus more on your area of expertise and grow your business while feeling comfortable that the financial side of your business is being looked after by trained professionals.
Hiring an in-house bookkeeper can be a difficult and expensive process. You have to find the appropriate individual and then train and manage them. On top of wages you are liable for superannuation, holiday and sick-leave and other hidden expenses associated with having staff. If your bookkeeper gets sick, goes on holiday or resigns you may be left without anyone who understands your accounts process.

Why Choose Savile House?

  • Reliable, affordable bookkeeping service
  • Fully qualified, trained professionals
  • Experience with different industries

Do you provide off-site bookkeeping as well as on-site bookkeeping?

Yes we provide off-site bookkeeping as well as on-site bookkeeping. If you prefer off-site bookkeeping we can either log into your computer system remotely or take a copy of you data file to load onto our computers. Bank statements, invoices and other source documents can be scanned and emailed or picked up from your office.

Is there a fixed cost per month?

Services are charged by the hour, there is no fixed cost. You can use us as and when required.

Do we have to sign a long-term contract?

No, we understand that the success of outsourcing services relies on the mutual cooperation and interaction of both parties. As we are flexible, we do not wish to tie any of our clients into a binding long term contract.

Do you offer one off services or do you only provide ongoing services?

Savile House provides a flexible bookkeeping service. We can provide relief bookkeeping if your bookkeeper is on leave, we can perform catch-up bookkeeping if you have gotten behind and we can even train a new bookkeeper for your organisation if required.

What accounting software are you able to work with?

Most of our clients either use MYOB or QuickBooks for their bookkeeping. We are fully trained and experienced in both of these programs.